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Who We Are

Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission is a ministry to the homeless and hurting in Missoula. We began our work with the homeless and needy in November 1999 through a street ministry under the Higgins Street bridge.


Our Mission is to be God's hands, feet and heart to the hurting, poor and homeless of the Missoula area as we share, care for, educate, and equip them with the healing and victory that is available through a personal relationship with God.

Candace Day
Executive Director

Legacy Montana

What We Do

Missoula 3:16 Rescue Mission is about people - like you and me - with one big difference - the people we work with are homeless and/or poverty-stricken.

One of the ways every one of us is alike, regardless of status, is our need for dignity, self-worth, and respect. Our commitment is to respect each person we meet and demonstrate God's love in practical ways.

There are many reasons why people become homeless and poor. We do not judge their reasons. Rather, we seek to help them find ways to become godly, productive members of our society.

In order for us to accomplish this task, many things must happen. There must be a place where men, women, boys and girls feel safe and find they are loved and accepted as they are. At Missoula 3:16, we offer three programs for this to happen.

Our first point of contact on a daily basis is the Day Center, providing hope and help with a hot meal and daytime respite from the inclement weather of Montana.  Two other programs offer opportunity for those seeking more intense life change.

For women and children dealing with the isolation and transient living of homelessness, our Women and Children’s Emergency Motel Shelter Program gives shelter while helping establish a support network to allow God’s possibilities to be seen in the face of life's challenges. And, for more intense residential help to men challenged with substance abuse, our School of Christ offers life skills training and Christ-centered restoration. 

Check out the links on this page for more about each of these programs and to discover ways you can be involved, too!